New monitoring technologies are being progressively implemented in coastal ocean observatories. These new observing systems, such as IMOS, OOI, IOOS, VENUS, POSEIDON, COSYNA among others, are delivering new insight into coastal ocean variability, that triggers new theoretical and technological developments, increasing our understanding of open ocean, coastal and nearshore processes and contributing to a more science based and sustainable management of the oceans and coastal areas. SOCIB is one of such systems, a Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System located in the Balearic Islands, a new facility of facilities open to international access. SOCIB responds to a change of paradigm in the observation of our oceans and coasts, an observation that has evolved from being centered on a unique platform, the oceanographic ships with data availability being delayed in time, to an observation now based on multi-platform and integrated systems (using buoys, satellites, ships, autonomous underwater vehicles, HF radar, ARGO profilers, etc.), also assuring quasi real time quality controlled data availability for both researchers and society. This change of paradigm is very significant and allows being able to respond to the three key drivers identified by SOCIB back in 2009: (1) science priorities, (2) technology development, (3) response capacity to society needs.

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