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    • Calibration of acoustic instruments. 

      Demer, David A.; Berger, Laurent; Bernasconi, Matteo; Bethke, Eckhard; Boswell, Kevin; Chu, Dezhang; Domokos, Reka; Dunford, Adam; Fassler, Sascha; Gauthier, Stephane; Hufnagle, Lawrence T,; Jech, J. Michael; Bouffant, Naigle; Lebourges-Dhaussy, Anne; Lurton, Xavier; Macaulay, Gavin J.; Perrot, Yannick; Ryan, Tim; Parker-Stetter, Sandra; Stienessen, Sarah; Weber, Thomas; Williamson, Neal (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015)
      Acoustic sampling has long been a standard survey tool for estimating the abundance and distribution of fish, zooplankton, and their seabed habitat (Kimura, 1929; Sund, 1935; Holliday, 1972a; Nielson et al., 1980). ...