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dc.contributor.authorMueller, J. L.
dc.contributor.authorMorel, A.
dc.contributor.authorFrouin, R.
dc.contributor.authorDavis, C.
dc.contributor.authorArnone, R.
dc.contributor.authorCarder, K.
dc.contributor.authorLee, Z. P.
dc.contributor.authorSteward, R. G.
dc.contributor.authorHooker, S.
dc.contributor.authorMobley, C. D.
dc.contributor.authorMcLean, S.
dc.contributor.authorHolben, B.
dc.contributor.authorMiller, M.
dc.contributor.authorPietras, C.
dc.contributor.authorKnobelspiesse, K. D.
dc.contributor.authorFargion, G. S.
dc.contributor.authorPorter, J.
dc.contributor.authorVoss, K.
dc.identifier.citationMueller, J. L.; Morel, A.; Frouin, R. ; Davis, C. ;Arnone, R.; Carder, K.; Lee, Z. P. ; Steward, R. G.; Hooker, S.; Mobley, C. D.; McLean, S.; Holben, B.; Miller, M.; Pietras, C.; Knobelspiesse, K. D. ; Fargion, G. S.; Porter, J and Voss, K. (2003) Ocean Optics Protocols For Satellite Ocean Color Sensor Validation, Revision 4, Volume III: Radiometric Measurements and Data Analysis Protocols. Greenbelt, MD. Goddard Space Flight Space Centre, pp. 1-84. (NASA/TM-2003-21621/Rev-Vol III). DOI:
dc.description.abstractVolume III: The chapters of this volume briefly review methods used in the field to make the in situ radiometric measurements for ocean color validation, together with methods of analyzing the data (Chapter 1), detailed measurement and data analysis protocols for in-water radiometric profiles (Chapter 2), above water measurements of remote sensing reflectance (Chapter III-3), determinations of exact normalized water-leaving radiance (Chapter 4), and atmospheric radiometric measurements to determine aerosol optical thickness and sky radiance distributions (Chapter 5). Chapter 1 is adapted from relevant portions of Chapter 9 in Revision 3. Chapter 2 of Volume III corresponds to Chapter 10 of Revision 3, and Chapters 3 through 5 to Revision 3 Chapters 12 through 14, respectively. Aside from reorganization, there are no changes in the protocols presented in this volume.en_US
dc.publisherGoddard Space Flight Space Centeren_US
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subject.otherIn-situ measurementsen_US
dc.subject.otherData analysisen_US
dc.titleOcean Optics Protocols For Satellite Ocean Color Sensor Validation, Revision 4. Volume III: Radiometric Measurements and Data Analysis Protocols.en_US
dc.typeReport Sectionen_US
dc.publisher.placeGreenbelt, MDen_US
dc.subject.parameterDisciplineParameter Discipline::Cross-disciplineen_US
dc.subject.instrumentTypeInstrument Type Vocabulary::ocean colour radiometersen_US
dc.subject.dmProcessesData Management Practices::Data analysisen_US
dc.contributor.editorparentMueller, J. L.
dc.contributor.editorparentFargion, G. S.
dc.contributor.editorparentMcClain, C. R.
dc.title.parentOcean Optics Protocols For Satellite Ocean Color Sensor Validation, Revision 4.en_US
dc.description.eovOcean colouren_US

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