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    • Argo Quality Control Manual for CTD and Trajectory Data. Version 3.2. 01 February 2019. 

      Wong, Annie; Keeley, Robert; Carval, Thierry (IFREMER, 2019)
      A CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) device measures temperature and salinity versus pressure. This document is the Argo quality control manual for CTD and trajectory data. It describes two levels of quality control: ...
    • Argo User’s Manual Version 3.3, 22 November 2019. 

      Argo Data Management Team (IFREMER, 2019)
      This document is the Argo data user’s manual. It contains the description of the formats and files produced by the Argo Data Assembly Centres (DACs).
    • A BGC-Argo Guide: Planning, Deployment, Data Handling and Usage. 

      Bittig, Henry C.; Maurer, Tanya L.; Plant, Joshua N.; Schmechtig, Catherine; Wong, Annie P. S.; Claustre, Hervé; Trull, Thomas W.; Udaya Bhaskar, T. V. S.; Boss, Emmanuel; Dall’Olmo, Giorgio; Organelli, Emanuele; Poteau, Antoine; Johnson, Kenneth S.; Hanstein, Craig; Leymarie, Edouard; Le Reste, Serge; Riser, Stephen C.; Rupan, A. Rick; Taillandier, Vincent; Thierry, Virginie; Xing, Xiaogang (2019)
      The Biogeochemical-Argo program (BGC-Argo) is a new profiling-float-based, ocean wide, and distributed ocean monitoring program which is tightly linked to, and has benefited significantly from, the Argo program. The ...
    • Operating Cabled Underwater Observatories in Rough Shelf-Sea Environments: A Technological Challenge. 

      Fischer, Philipp; Brix, Holger; Baschek, Burkard; Kraberg, Alexandra; Brand, Markus; Cisewski, Boris; Riethmüller, Rolf; Breitbach, Gisbert; Möller, Klas Ove; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre; Alliouane, Samir; van de Poll, Willem H.; Witbaard, Rob (2020)
      Cabled coastal observatories are often seen as future-oriented marine technology that enables science to conduct observational and experimental studies under water year-round, independent of physical accessibility ...
    • Biogeochemical Argo Cheat Sheets: Data distribution; Quality control and GDAC; Chlorophyll-a; Optical backscatter; pH; Irradiance; Oxygen; Nitrate. 

      Baldry, Kimberlee; Sauzède, Raphaëlle; Cornec, Marin (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart, Australia, 2021)
      Eight cheat sheets for users of Biogeochemical Argo data. The sheets describe data distribution, quality control in the Global Data Acquisition Center and the six core Biogeochemical Argo variables (chlorophyll-a, optical ...
    • argoFloats: an R Package for Analyzing Argo Data. 

      Kelley, Dan E.; Harbin, Jaimie; Richards, Clark (2021)
      An R package named argoFloats has been developed to facilitate identifying, downloading, caching, and analyzing oceanographic data collected by Argo profiling floats. The analysis phase benefits from close connections ...