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    • Glider-Based Estimates of Meso-Zooplankton Biomass Density: a Fisheries Case Study on Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) around the Northern Antarctic Peninsula. 

      Reiss, Christian S.; Cossio, Anthony M.; Walsh, Jennifer; Cutter, George R.; Watters, George M. (2021)
      We compare estimates of krill density derived from gliders to those from contemporaneous and previous ship-based surveys. Our comparisons cover several temporal and spatial scales within two strata around the northern ...
    • Overview of a new Ocean Glider Navigation System: OceanGNS. 

      von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Nicolai; Zhou, Mingxi; Bahadory, Taimaz; de Young, Brad (2021)
      Ocean gliders are increasingly a platform of choice to close the gap between traditional ship-based observations and remote sensing from floats (e.g., Argo) and satellites. However, gliders move slowly and are strongly ...
    • OceanGliders Oxygen SOP v1.0.0. [GOOS ENDORSED PRACTICE] 

      Lopez-Garcia, Patricia; Hull, Tom; Thomsen, Soeren; Hahn, Johannes; Queste, Bastien Y.; Krahmann, Gerd; Williams, Charlotte; Woo, Mun; Pattiaratchi, Charitha; Coppola, Laurent; Morales, Tania; Racapé, Virginie; Gourcuff, Claire; Allen, John; Alou-Font, Eva; Zarokanellos, Nikolaos D.; Turpin, Victor; Schmechtig, Catherine; Testor, Pierre; Busecke, Julius; Bourma, Evi; Richards, Clark; Pearce, Stuart; Carvalho, Filipa; Giddy, Isabelle; Begler, Christian (OceanGliders, 2022)
      This standard operating procedure (SOP) document for dissolved oxygen (DO) aims to guide the user through the steps necessary to collect good quality dissolved oxygen data using ocean gliders for both real time and post ...