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    • A critical review of the 15N2 tracer method to measure diazotrophic production in pelagic ecosystems. 

      White, Angelicque E.; Granger, Julie; Selden, Corday; Gradoville, Mary R.; Potts, Lindsey; Bourbonnais, Annie; Fulweiler, Robinson W.; Knapp, Angela N.; Mohr, Wiebke; Moisander, Pia H.; Tobias, Craig R.; Caffin, Mathieu; Wilson, Samuel T.; Benavides, Mar; Bonnet, Sophie; Mulholland, Margaret R.; Chang, Bonnie X. (2020)
      Dinitrogen (N2) fixation is an important source of biologically reactive nitrogen (N) to the global ocean. The magnitude of this flux, however, remains uncertain, in part because N2 fixation rates have been estimated ...