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    • Australian Multibeam Guidelines [Version 2] 

      Picard, K.; Leplastrier, A.; Austine, K.; Bergensen, N.; Cullen, R.; Dando, N.; Donohue, D.; Edwards, S.; Ingleton, T.; Jordan, A.; Lucieer, V.; Parnum, I.; Siwabessy, J.; Spinoccia, M.; Talbot-Smith, R.; Waterson, C.; Barrett, N.; Beaman, R.; Bergersen, D.; Boyd, M.; Brace, B.; Brooke, B.; Cantrill, O.; Case, M.; Dunne, S.; Felllows, M.; Harris, U.; Ierodicaonou, D.; Johnstone, E.; Kennedy, P.; Lewis, A.; Lytton, S.; Mackay, K.; McLennan, S.; Mitchell, C.; Nichol, S.; Post, A.; Price, A.; Przeslawski, R.; Pugsley, L.; Quadros, N.; Smith, J.; Stewart, W.; Sullivan, J.; Tran, M.; Whiteway, T.
      The primary objective of this guideline is thus to establish common approaches of acquisition and processing that will result in greater applicability and interoperability of swath acoustic mapping data. These approaches ...