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dc.contributor.authorJenkins, W.J
dc.contributor.authorLott, D.E
dc.contributor.authorCahill, K
dc.contributor.authorCurtice, J
dc.contributor.authorLandry, P
dc.identifier.citationJenkins, W. J., Lott, D.E., Cahill, K., Curtice,J. and Landry., P. (2010) Sampling and Measuring Helium Isoptopes and Tritium in Seawater. In, The GO-SHIP Repeat Hydrography Manual: A Collection of Expert Reports and Guidelines. Version 1, (eds Hood, E.M., C.L. Sabine, and B.M. Sloyan). 17pp. (IOCCP Report Number 14; ICPO Publication Series Number 134). DOI:
dc.description.abstractThis document is meant to describe the essential elements of sampling and measuring helium isotopes and tritium in seawater. The methods described are those that have been used in our laboratory, and should not be regarded as the only means of making such measurements. Rather, they are provided as a guide for those interested in evaluating or comparing such techniques with others and for understanding the limits of th e measurements and the resulting data. Other summaries of experimental procedures are available in the literature (Jenkins and Clarke, 1976; Clarke et al., 1976; Jenkins, 1981; Lott and Jenkins, 1984; Bayer et al., 1989; Lott and Jenkins, 1998; Stanley, 2007; Stanley et al, 2009).en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesICPO Publication Series;134
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIOCCP Report;14
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.titleSampling and Measuring Helium Isoptopes and Tritium in Seawater .en_US
dc.typeReport Sectionen_US
dc.subject.parameterDisciplineParameter Discipline::Chemical oceanography::Isotopesen_US
dc.subject.dmProcessesData Management Practices::Data acquisitionen_US
dc.contributor.editorparentHood, E.M.
dc.contributor.editorparentSabine, C.L.
dc.contributor.editorparentSloyan, B.M.
dc.title.parentThe GO-SHIP Repeat Hydrography Manual: A Collection of Expert Reports and Guidelines. Version 1.en_US

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