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  • Ten simple rules for making a vocabulary FAIR 

    Cox, Simon J. D.; Gonzalez-Beltran, Alejandra N.; Magagna, Barbara; Marinescu, Maria- Cristina (2021)
    We present ten simple rules that support converting a legacy vocabulary—a list of terms available in a print-based glossary or in a table not accessible using web standards—into a FAIR vocabulary. Various pathways may ...
  • Global Community Guidelines for Documenting, Sharing, and Reusing Quality Information of Individual Digital Datasets. 

    Peng, G..; Lacagnina, C.; Downs, R.R.; Ganske, A.; Ramapriyan, H.K.; Ivánová, I.; Wyborn, L.; Jones, D.; Bastin, L.; Shie, C-L,; Moroni, D.F. (2022)
    Open-source science builds on open and free resources that include data, metadata, software, and workflows. Informed decisions on whether and how to (re)use digital datasets are dependent on an understanding about the ...
  • Application Profile for Machine- Actionable Data Management Plans. 

    Miksa, T.; Walk, Paul; Neish, Peter; Oblasser, Simon; HOLLAND, MURRAY; Renner, Tom; Jacquemot-Perbal, M-C.; Cardoso, Joao; Kvamme, Trond; Praetzellis, Maria; Suchánek, Marek; Hooft, Rob ; Faure, Benjamin; Moa, Hanne; Hasan, Adil; Jones, Sarah (2021)
    This paper presents the application profile for machine-actionable data management plans that allows information from traditional data management plans to be expressed in a machine-actionable way. We describe the methodology ...
  • The Beijing Declaration on Research Data. 

    CODATA (Committee on Data (CODATA), Paris, France, 2019)
    Grand challenges related to the environment, human health, and sustainability confront science and society. Understanding and mitigating these challenges in a rapidly changing environment require datai to be FAIR (Findable, ...
  • The FAIR Data Maturity Model: An Approach to Harmonise FAIR Assessments. 

    Bahim, Christophe; Casorrán-Amilburu, Carlos; Dekkers, Makx; Herczog, Edit; Loozen, Nicolas; Repanas, Konstantinos; Russell, Keith; Stall, Shelley (2020)
    In the past years, many methodologies and tools have been developed to assess the FAIRness of research data. These different methodologies and tools have been based on various interpretations of the FAIR principles, which ...
  • Legal Interoperability of Research Data: Principles and Implementation Guidelines. Version 1.0. 

    RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability Interest Group (ZENODO for RDA and CODATA, 2016)
    The ability of the research community to share, access, and reuse data, as well as to integrate data from diverse sources for research, education, and other purposes requires effective technical, syntactic, semantic, and ...