Outputs from the various RDA Working and Interest Groups

Recent Submissions

  • Principles and best practices in data versioning for all data sets big and small. Version 1.1. 

    Klump, Jens; Wyborn, Lesley; Wu, Mingfang; Downs, Robert; Asmi, Ari; Ryder, Gerry; Martin, Julia (Research Data Alliance (RDA), 2020)
    The demand for better reproducibility of research results is growing. More and more data is becoming available online. In some cases, the datasets have become so large that downloading the data is no longer feasible. Data ...
  • FAIR Data Maturity Model Specification and Guidelines. [Proposed recommendation; version for public review] 

    Herczog, Edit; Russell, Keith; Stall, Shelley; Jones, Sarah (Research Data Alliance (RDA), 2020)
    The FAIR Data Maturity Model defines a set of indicators, their priorities and evaluation methods for the evaluation of the FAIR principles to be used as a common approach across assessment methodologies. This document ...
  • Persistent Identification of Instruments. 

    Stocker, Markus; Darroch, Louise; Krahl, Rolf; Habermann, Ted; Devaraju, Anusuriya; Schwardmann, Ulrich; D'Onofrio, Claudio; Häggström, Ingemar (2020)
    Instruments play an essential role in creating research data. Given the importance of instruments and associated metadata to the assessment of data quality and data reuse, globally unique, persistent and resolvable ...
  • The TRUST Principles for digital repositories. 

    Lin, Dawei; Crabtree, Jonathan; Dillo, Ingrid; Downs, Robert R.; Edmunds, Rorie; Giaretta, David; De Giusti, Marisa; L’Hours, Hervé; Hugo, Wim; Jenkyns, Reyna; Khodiyar, Varsha; Martone, Maryann E.; Mokrane, Mustapha; Navale, Vivek; Petters, Jonathan; Sierman, Barbara; Sokolova, Dina V.; Stockhause, Martina; Westbrook, John (2020)
    As information and communication technology has become pervasive in our society, we are increasingly dependent on both digital data and repositories that provide access to and enable the use of such resources. Repositories ...
  • Legal Interoperability of Research Data: Principles and Implementation Guidelines. Version 1.0. 

    RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability Interest Group (ZENODO for RDA and CODATA, 2016)
    The ability of the research community to share, access, and reuse data, as well as to integrate data from diverse sources for research, education, and other purposes requires effective technical, syntactic, semantic, and ...
  • Metadata standards directory. 

    Research Data Alliance (2016)
    The Research Data Alliance Metadata Standards Directory Working Group set out to develop a directory that would enable researchers, and those who support them, to discover metadata standards that would be appropriate for ...