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  • Ocean Decade Data & Information Strategy. 

    Akrofi, Joana; Armstrong, Edward; Aucan, Jerome; Bhaskar, Uday; Brönner, Ute; Taco, de Bruin; Buttigieg, Pier Luigi; Calewaert, Jan-Bart; Demargne, Louis; Diggs, Stephen; Filippone, Marco; Flier, Evert; Gann, Jeanette; Garcia, Hernan; Hill, Katy; Holdsworth, Neil; Larsen, Kirk; O'Brien, Kevin; Segebarth, Nicolas; Sharma, Rishi; Ulverud, Gry Hoeg; Wing, Kate (UNESCO, Paris, France, 2023)
    The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (the ‘Ocean Decade’) seeks to transform humanity’s relationship with the ocean, applying the full range of ocean science and knowledge to diagnose ...