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    • BBI: an R package for the computation of Benthic Biotic Indices from composition data. 

      Cordier, Tristan; Pawlowski, Jan (2018)
      The monitoring of impacts of anthropic activities in marine environments, such as aquaculture, oil-drilling platforms or deep-sea mining, relies on Benthic Biotic Indices (BBI). Several indices have been formalised to ...
    • Environmental DNA protocol development guide for biomonitoring. 

      De Brauwer, M.; Chariton, A.; Clarke, L.J.; Cooper, M.K.; DiBattista, J.; Furlan, E.; Giblot-Ducray, D.; Gleeson, D.; Harford, A.; Herbert, S.; MacDonald, A.J.; Miller, A.; Montgomery, K.; Mooney, T.; Noble, L.M.; Rourke, M.; Sherman, C.D.H.; Stat, M.; Suter, L.; West, K.M.; White, N.; Villacorta-Rath, C.; Zaiko, A.; Trujillo-Gonzalez, A. (National eDNA Reference Centre, Canberra, Australia, 2022)
      The Environmental DNA protocol development guide for biomonitoring (EP guide for biomonitoring) provides harmonised quality control and minimum standard operating procedures. This document is complemented by the Environmental ...
    • A practical guide to DNA-based methods for biodiversity assessment. 

      Bruce, Kat; Blackman, Rosetta C.; Bourlat, Sarah J.; Hellström, Micaela; Bakker, Judith; Bista, Iliana; Bohmann, Kristine; Bouchez, Agnès; Brys, Rein; Clark, Katie; Elbrecht, Vasco; Fazi, Stefano; Fonseca, Vera G.; Hänfling, Bernd; Leese, Florian; Mächler, Elvira; Mahon, Andrew R.; Meissner, Kristian; Panksep, Kristel; Pawlowski, Jan; Schmidt Yáñez, Paul Luis; Seymour, Mathew; Thalinger, Bettina; Valentini, Alice; Woodcock, Paul; Traugott, Michael; Vasselon, Valentin; Deiner, Kristy (Pensoft Advanced Books, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2021)
      This book represents a synthesis of knowledge and best practice in the field of DNA-based biomonitoring at the time of writing. It has been written with end-users of molecular tools in mind, as well as those who are new ...