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dc.identifier.citationGlobal Ghost Gear Initiative (2021) Best Practice Framework for the Management of Aquaculture Gear. Prepared by T. Huntington. Poseidon Aquatic Resources Management Ltd. for GGGI, 81pp. plus appendices. DOI:
dc.description.abstractOver the last decade, there has been considerable attention focused on the scale of ALDFG and the impacts on the aquatic environment by ALDFG through ghost fishing, entanglement and habitat damage (Macfadyen et al. 2009). This attention has been revitalized in recent years by the growing realization of the scale and potentially catastrophic impact of plastic pollution and its accumulation in aquatic ecosystems, and the contribution of ALDFG to this global problem. In 2017, the GGGI took a major step forward by 1 See producing its Best Practice Framework for the Management of Fishing Gear for wild capture fisheries (C-BPF)1. With the increasing awareness of the impact of plastics on aquatic environments, attention is also being focused on aquaculture. Plastics are used extensively in marine fish farming; for example, in cages (e.g., in the collars and nets themselves, as well as in feeding systems), in coastal fishponds (e.g., in pond liners), and in shellfish farming (e.g., in mussel socks, oyster spat collectors and mussel pegs). These plastics are susceptible to loss through extreme weather events, mismanagement of waste or deliberate discharge. Although global losses of plastics from aquaculture to the aquatic environment are probably lower in volume than from fishing (Huntington, 2019), aquaculture continues to grow worldwide, being the fastest growing food producing sector with an expected growth of 37% by 2030 over 2016 rates (FAO, 2020). The GGGI therefore decided in 2020 to produce a Best Practice Framework for the Management of Aquaculture Gear (A-BPF), commissioning Tim Huntington of Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd. (Poseidon)—who drafted the original C-BPF—to lead its developmenten_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis report was made possible due to the generous support of Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Darden Restaurants, Government of Norway, and Hollomon Price Foundation.en_US
dc.publisherPoseidon Aquatic Resources Management Ltd. for GGGIen_US
dc.subject.otherFishing gearen_US
dc.subject.otherPlastic pollution
dc.titleBest Practice Framework for the Management of Aquaculture Gear.en_US
dc.format.pages81pp. & appendicesen_US
dc.contributor.corpauthorGlobal Ghost Gear Initiativeen_US
dc.description.notesTim Huntington of Poseidon Aquatic Resources Management for the preparation of this document as well as Rich Lincoln, Perry Broderick and Dr. Jocelyn Drugan of Ocean Outcomes for leading an extensive stakeholder consultation process to ensure this document is fit for purpose.en_US
dc.subject.parameterDisciplineFisheries and aquacultureen_US
dc.description.eovMarine debrisen_US

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