TechOceanS is an EU-funded project that will create new remote ocean sensing technology to support ocean conservation and monitoring.

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  • OceanGliders Oxygen SOP v1.0.0. [GOOS ENDORSED PRACTICE] 

    Lopez-Garcia, Patricia; Hull, Tom; Thomsen, Soeren; Hahn, Johannes; Queste, Bastien Y.; Krahmann, Gerd; Williams, Charlotte; Woo, Mun; Pattiaratchi, Charitha; Coppola, Laurent; Morales, Tania; Racapé, Virginie; Gourcuff, Claire; Allen, John; Alou-Font, Eva; Zarokanellos, Nikolaos D.; Turpin, Victor; Schmechtig, Catherine; Testor, Pierre; Busecke, Julius; Bourma, Evi; Richards, Clark; Pearce, Stuart; Carvalho, Filipa; Giddy, Isabelle; Begler, Christian (OceanGliders, 2022)
    This standard operating procedure (SOP) document for dissolved oxygen (DO) aims to guide the user through the steps necessary to collect good quality dissolved oxygen data using ocean gliders for both real time and post ...
  • LabSTAF and RunSTAF Handbook 2408-014-HB Issue E. 

    Oxborough, Kevin (Chelsea Technologies Ltd., West Molesey, UK, 2021)
    LabSTAF is the first of a new generation of research-grade active fluorometers being developed by Chelsea Technologies Ltd (CTL) in collaboration with The University of Southampton (UoS), the National Oceanographic ...