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    • Guidelines for the study of climate change effects on HABs. 

      Wells, Mark; Burford, Michele; Kremp, Anke; Montresor, Marina; Pitcher, Grant; Richardson, Anthony; Eriksen, Ruth; Hallegraeff, Gustaaf; Rochester, Wayne; Pitcher, Grant; Burford, Michele; Van de Waal, Dedmer; Bach, Lennart; Berdalet, Elisa; Brandenburg, Karen; Suikkanen, Sanna; Wohlrab, Sylke; Hansen, Per; Hennon, Gwenn; Sefbom, Josefin; Schaum, Elisa; Dyhrman, Sonya; Godhe, Anna; Zingone, Adriana; Escalera, Laura; Bresnan, Elieen; Enevoldsen, Henrik; Provoost, Pieter; Richardson, Anthony; Hamilton, David; Anderson, Clarissa; Hense, Inga; Chapra, Steven (UNESCO-IOC/SCOR, Paris, France, 2021)
      Our planet Earth is changing. Marine and freshwater ecosystems are experiencing intense natural and anthropogenic pressures that will generate unforeseen changes in their structure and functioning. The drivers of climate ...