Recent Submissions

  • Data Interoperability Between Elements of the Global Ocean Observing System. 

    Snowden, Derrick; Tsontos, Vardis M.; Handegard, Nils Olav; Zarate, Marcos; O’Brien, Kevin; Casey, Kenneth S.; Smith, Neville; Sagen, Helge; Bailey, Kathleen; Lewis, Mirtha N.; Arms, Sean C. (2019)
    The data management landscape associated with the Global Ocean Observing System is distributed, complex, and only loosely coordinated. Yet interoperability across this distributed landscape is essential to enable data ...
  • From the Oceans to the Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges for Data, Models, Computation and Workflows. 

    Vance, T.C.; Wengren, M.; Burger, E.; Hernandez, D.; Kearns, T.; Medina-Lopez, E.; Merati, N.; O’Brien, K.; O’Neil, J.; Potemra, J.T.; Signell, R.P.; Wilcox, K. (2019)
    Advances in ocean observations and models mean increasing flows of data. Integrating observations between disciplines over spatial scales from regional to global presents challenges. Running ocean models and managing the ...