Recent Submissions

  • The Oceans 2.0/3.0 Data Management and Archival System. 

    Owens, Dwight; Abeysirigunawardena, Dilumie; Biffard, Ben; Chen, Yan; Conley, Patrick; Jenkyns, Reyna; Kerschtien, Shane; Lavallee, Tim; MacArthur, Melissa; Mousseau, Jina; Old, Kim; Paulson, Meghan; Pirenne, Benoît; Scherwath, Martin; Thorne, Michael (2022)
    The advent of large-scale cabled ocean observatories brought about the need to handle large amounts of ocean-based data, continuously recorded at a high sampling rate over many years and made accessible in near-real time ...
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Connecting Remote Sensing and Arctic Communities for Safe Sea Ice Travel. 

    Segal, Rebecca A.; Scharien, Randall K.; Duerden, Frank; Tam, Chui-Ling (2020)
    Northern communities are increasingly interested in technology that provides information about the sea ice environment for travel purposes. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing is widely used to observe sea ice ...